Lanre Mullins Abudu Launches Plutus Blockchain Solutions To Help Companies With Blockchain Implementation

September 06 11:06 2021
Lanre Mullins Abudu Launches Plutus Blockchain Solutions To Help Companies With Blockchain Implementation
Blockchain developer and entrepreneur, Lanre Mullins Abudu, launches Plutus Blockchain Solutions, to help different stakeholders in the blockchain space develop their projects

Lanre Mullins Abudu recently reiterated his commitment to promoting blockchain technology and its inherent solutions with the launch of Plutus Blockchain Solutions. The new platform is designed to offer a wide range of services, including private blockchain, app, and software development, integrating IoT with blockchain projects, and leveraging the power of AI to access data for blockchain-based applications.

“With Plutus Blockchain Solutions, I want to revolutionize the corporate world by offering blockchain services that will help them grow their business”, said Lanre Mullins Abudu, the owner and founder of Plutus Blockchain Solutions.

Blockchain has literally disrupted several industries, generating interest in technology circles, offering a plethora of opportunities in financial services, the public sector, and several other aspects. The decentralized, immutable, and fully transparent ledger technology allows users to record transactions and track assets with ease. Unfortunately, thousands of people are yet to leverage the features and benefits of blockchain, which is where Lanre Mullins Abudu seeks to make a difference with Plutus Blockchain Solutions.

Plutus Blockchain Solutions offers services to cater to the needs of businesses across different industries, including healthcare, insurance, media and entertainment, government, banking and finance, travel and transportations, and retail, amongst others, with advanced blockchain solutions to help businesses develop and grow.

“Our blockchain services are efficient and cost-effective. Small or medium-sized businesses can easily afford our services and achieve their business objective. We work as a partner and not just as a service provider. Plutus Blockchain Solutions is equally invested in the company’s business goals”, said Lanre Mullins Abudu.

Plutus Blockchain Solutions aims to create outstanding software products using blockchain that will add value to the business, delivering all services on schedule and at a competitive price.

For more information about Plutus Blockchain Solutions and the services offered, visit – WWW.PLUTUSBLOCKCHAIN.COM.

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