Nuwave Neon takes LED-based technology to the next level with customizable, hand-crafted LED neon signs

September 06 12:27 2021
Nuwave Neon, America’s favorite neon sign company, is out to bring a new wave of neon as it brings a vision that there is no better canvas than a wall illuminated by dazzling lights.

Nuwave Neon is bent on revolutionizing the industry as it scaled up efforts to provide fully customizable and hand-crafted premium LED neon signs that transform any space. 

“Finding quality signs that illuminate your desired place and also last long is essential. This is where Nuwave Neon comes into the picture. We serve shoppers searching for custom neon signs,” a company representative said in a statement.

On the other hand, businesses can count on neon bar signs as a great addition to capture people’s attention and provide captivating photo-ops to drive marketing.

Nuwave Neon said shoppers could glow up their home or retail space with their own neon vibe or turn to violet hues or magenta halos to keep their offices or apartments beaming. 

Customers can also brighten up their business with Nuwave Neon’s custom neon creator. 

“Our signs seem like a small part of life, but they can impact others in a big way, whether in the mood they stir or the thoughts they inspire. We encourage you to think about your impact, no matter how big or small,” the representative adds.

The company provides neon signs for weddings, featuring either the couple’s initials, names, or a certain phrase or statement they want for their wedding. 

On the other hand, businesses can count on neon bar signs as a great addition to capture people’s attention.

In a review, Cathy P., who bought a personalized neon sign, “It was all a dream,” commended the Florida-based company for coming up with a unique product.

“I bought this for my daughter’s new nursery as we thought it would be a fun ‘soft light’ with the dimmer switch, and it’s so much better than we thought,” Cathy wrote. 

On the other hand, Michelle G. lit up her room with a neon sign, “Life is beautiful,” something that reminds her to believe that a thousand beautiful things are waiting for her. 

“Loving our sign! It completes the room better than we could envision,” Michelle wrote in a separate review. 

Meanwhile, Daniel C. lauded Nuwave Neon for delivering an impeccable neon sign that made his home studio pop. 

“My sign came wrapped like Fort Knox, and upon opening it up, I was really blown away by the quality. The brightness of the LED is fantastic and doesn’t get too hot when left on for a long time,” Daniel wrote. 

Nuwave Neon was put up by big dreamers who are passionate about two things: impeccable design and impressive lighting. 

Born in Miami Beach and raised in the art district, the founders have taken the best influences of their colorful surroundings and turned them into next-level LED neon lighting and signs.

Shoppers can learn more about Nuwave Neon’s products and services by visiting the website.

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