Protect Digitized Arts from Online Third Parties with the Best Free VPN App

June 16 15:08 2021

Digital or online portfolio is now becoming more conventional when it comes to showcasing an artist’s work to potential employers or customers. Having an online portfolio is helpful to the creative industry as all it takes to view an artist’s works is a hyperlink from a file sharing or file viewer website.

One famous platform for digitized arts is Behance. On this site, every kind of art showcase is catered- from professional portfolios to protest arts. And since the globe is still in the pandemic phase, artists tend to get more innovative on how to demonstrate activism.

And since the usual themes of the public protest arts are discrimination and injustice, people from lower classes can relate, hence, the photo sharing to several social media platforms.

When this happens, social media users will be aware of the oppression. But, this could also be the way of triggering people who are responsible for these types of inequality. Most of these people have the ability to track and manipulate these artists’ online data and activities.

So, what the artists have to do is protect their identity, including the digitized artworks. Fortunately, in a platform where valuable information is vulnerable, there is a tool that artists can use to guarantee online safety and privacy.

Connect to the best VPN app for cybersecurity

By connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), users will be safe from third parties roaming around cyberspace. This is possible as the VPN enroutes one’s data traffic to an encrypted virtual tunnel by setting up a secured connection between the user’s device and the internet.

So, every time that an artist posts a protest art online, the artist’s significant online data and activities are concealed to protect identity. 

This is a huge help to encourage more artists to participate in modern-day activism.

Although beneficial, VPN apps can get pricey. Good thing, there is a suitable VPN app for every internet user. This VPN app is totally a free VPN service that offers features that only premium VPNs can give out to users.

GoingVPN allows unlimited data bandwidth to its users. This feature is very fitting for artists to take time in perfecting the artworks before posting without even worrying of the hacking and other online threats at any given time.

Not to mention, GoingVPN offers max speed to aid artists in uploading artworks swiftly, even in a high quality.


Humanity needs more courageous artists who are willing to use talents and platforms in spreading important messages to the people. And with the help of cutting-edge technology, there are simpler ways to get the points across.

Because of the VPN technology, disseminating information would not be a terrifying task for everyone.

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