DYNOflex: STEK’s Permanent Solution To Windshield Woes Coming Soon

January 21 15:15 2021

For cars on the road, the primary damage-prone area is the front-facing, indispensable windshield. The errant flight of a single pebble can result in a significant amount of repair expenses; due to the high cost of recalibration, vehicles equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) require especially intensive replacement or repair procedures. The windshield acts as a pillar of support and is a major safety component in the case of accidents, so investing in permanent robust protection is crucial. 

To provide the highest level of safety for both drivers and passengers, STEK has developed DYNOflex—a revolutionary windshield film that redefines windshield protection. DYNOflex effectively guards against scratches, chips, cracks, and other common forms of road damage due to its proprietary structure. Composed of extremely elastic TPU layers (delete), the material easily and immediately absorbs and redistributes even the strongest impacts, while its exceptional stain resistance guarantees a crystal-clear, unobstructed line of vision. 

DYNOflex eliminates the need for windshield replacement, allowing car owners to avoid expensive ADAS recalibration and breaking into the OEM seal, along with other possible diminishing repairs. A quick to set installation that requires no heat shrinking makes the product is (delete) easy to apply on all glass surfaces, especially curved and when compared to conventional windshield films. Once installed, DYNOflex also rejects 99% of skin-damaging UV rays, even as it provides the ideal amount of natural light transmittance; it also guards against contamination and unsightly water spots thanks to its hydrophobicity, ensuring tough weatherproofing even in the harshest of conditions. 

A pioneer in cutting-edge protection material technologies, STEK Automotive has advanced market prospects for consumer-focused paint protection and window films since 1974. Based in the USA, STEK continues to invest deeply in research and development, conducting in-house testing and strict quality control procedures for all of its products. STEK currently caters to both the corporate and consumer sectors in 43 countries across six continents.

For more information, visit https://www.stekautomotive.com/.

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