Tech Company Launches Intelligent Jackets to Fight Physical Assaults and Other Potentially Unsafe Situations

November 21 13:06 2020
Tech Company Launches Intelligent Jackets to Fight Physical Assaults and Other Potentially Unsafe Situations

November 21, 2020 – The team at “My Intelligent Clothes” has just launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at mass-producing and marketing intelligent jackets to enhance security against physical assault if the company’s goal is achieved. The intelligent jacket is fitted with innovative features like help alarms, communication devices, and a host of other tech-savvy innovations. The jacket is ideal for use by everyone including adults and children irrespective of their physical capabilities. With its modern style, the Intelligent Jacket will blend seamlessly in all environments including sporting events, alone-times, group-events, and more.

“My Intelligent Jacket” has been designed by a team of experts who are committed to making sure that people can be safe at all times. Often, people find themselves in accidents or unsafe situations with no immediate help around, “My Intelligent Jacket” has been designed to call out for help. The intelligent jacket allows users to sync the technology to a responsible control center. For example, a child’s product could be connected to a parent’s cellphone. Similarly, a jogger or hiker could do the same where the selected receiver will be notified if the wearer needs immediate assistance. The jacket is integrated with communicable technology and has promised to be a game-changer in situations such as search and rescue where several resources are called upon to locate a person in distress. “My Intelligent Jacket” is also packed with GPS, audio, and video systems designed to send out data if the alarm is triggered.

Of course, there is the issue of physical assault. Children and women can feel safer knowing that help is just a signal away. The unique intelligent jacket is fitted with five types of alarm sensors woven into the fabric that will alert selected contacts if they ever got in trouble. The smart jacket detects if a wearer has dropped to the ground, is being tugged or if the manual sensor has been triggered for immediate action. Once triggered, the jacket calls for help within 20 seconds. A device like “My Intelligent Jacket” would be a valuable asset for children. Parents can also rest easy knowing that if necessary soon as they need help and possibly save their lives.

Users with no means reliable person or authorities to connect their intelligent jackets are encouraged to also avail of a subscription service operated 24/7 by a customer care team trained to respond to emergencies. With this service, users can get help from appropriate authorities such as rescue teams, paramedics or the police. Apart from the intelligent jacket, the team at My Intelligent Clothes have also conceived a smart tracksuit with the same features.

My Intelligent Clothes is a company conceived by entrepreneurs Nadine and Tristan from Germany. The duo has forged a reputation for envisioning innovative products like “My Intelligent Jacket” as a solution to problems like physical assault and more.

The company hopes to reel in investors and supporters who are passionate about making the world safer via its Kickstarter page.

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