Corona Virus COVID-19 Has Given A Chance To Recreate Life And Unplug From The Norms

March 25 04:02 2020
Corona Virus COVID-19 Has Given A Chance To Recreate Life And Unplug From The Norms

The coronavirus has cause a worldwide pandemic and most people are stressing out on what to do, this is the time to see how we can utilize our free time to put ourselves in a state of positive being while everything around us may seem to be falling apart.

It’s very important for us to use this opportunity to connect with not only ourselves but each other’s as well. I understand any kind of pandemic is very important and should be taken seriously, however, we now have the opportunity to learn from this and truly connect with those dear to us.

Whether it’s our parents, children, partners or our friends, this gives us the time we need to show them the attention and spend quality time together with them. Over the past years, you may have been working nine-to-five every day, without enough free time to spend bonding with those you care about right?

Well, I believe the Coronavirus is here to help us breathe and reunite with the people we’ve drifted from in life due to work, church, and school. If we were to utilize this time granted to us since the surface of this virus, I’m sure that even after we overcome this obstacle we would arise much closer to one another. 

The arrival of this pandemic may even change our everyday patterns in our lives, providing us with time to relax and rethink how we look at and go about life before. Instead of returning to the same old cycle of work and home, work and home, We now have the chance to see our children, family, and to give support to our friends by holding a real conversation and truly connecting with them.

Think about this, due to the coronavirus we have schools, tourist sites, general public places, and even restaurants being closed for weeks at a time. Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, Popeye, and others are being temporarily close in response to the pandemic. The rate of obesity in the United States is the highest in the world, imagine how much healthier the general population could be as a result of the loss of fast food from daily diets.

Yes, fast food is quick and cheap, But we are not made to be consuming these grease, sodium and other harmful materials that are a result of fast food. Due to the closing of some fast-food restaurants, people who go there regularly or rely on it daily are now looking for other possibly healthier sources of nutrition.

With the possible health increase, the amount of healing and rejuvenation this could provide our planet is astounding. Our atmosphere is wounded further every day due to the amount of Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide and other harmful gasses emitted by our cars and vehicles. The amount of transportation and overall movement has decreased drastically due to the quarantine and people taking caution. This is giving our planet some time to breathe and relieve some of the stress put on our ecosystems from the amount of pollution we as a race put into them. No matter how short of time, we can make use of it to heal our planet and nature that we’ve harmed.

Most people were stuck in a cycle that is putting them in a haze, robbing them of their awareness and their appreciation for life. They are just used to wake up, go to work all day, come home tired, get their kids from school, eat and sleep. Only to get up and repeat this again every day.

If we should reflect on the time off from work and school that is given from the coronavirus, parents now have the chance to spend time with their children to get to learn and bond with them. We now have the chance to learn the souls of our children, instead of only sharing a total of ten words a day, we have the chance to have conversations, discuss favorite sports teams, favorite colors, friendships, and many other things.

Kids and teens can also use this time to free themselves from social media, from the everyday way that they’re programmed to be. This provides the perfect opportunity for us all to “unplug” so we can look around and feel the air, the sun, on our skin. So we can commemorate how a hug feels, and how we look when we smile. It gives siblings time to bond and parents time to breathe and relax.

For people that have been laid off from their jobs due to the coronavirus and drops in businesses around the world, this is your chance to look at other, better forms of income. Instead of working as an employee, try to become an entrepreneur or maybe look at other more fulfilling jobs.

Whenever you’re faced with a financial crisis or a crisis of any kind, The goal of overcoming it should be to make sure that if it were to arise again, that you will have security against it. A regular job barely provides enough financial stability to support a family of three without living from paycheck to paycheck.

This pandemic may also help us as an economy and population to break out of the ‘nine-to-five’ era as it encourages many of us to look for other forms of income that provide stability and comfort. This truly is the opportune time to become an entrepreneur, someone who works from anywhere while homeschooling our children.  We were too busy rushing to keep up with work and bills to look for other forms of support, but with this time off,  we now have a chance to create new ways to pave our own roads and start our children on a much brighter path.

If we also take a look at how humanity overspends and ‘binge buys’ all of the supplies on a daily basis, we will see that we are buying in a reactive state instead of a responsive way. Now, it’s expected for us to take caution and be safe against the coronavirus.  However, we need to think about how out of proportion it is in accordance with the thousands of threats we face every day. Thousands of people die every day from hunger, poverty, malaria, dirty water, cancer, alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, homelessness, and other illnesses, but we are not taking nearly as much attention to these as we are the coronavirus. Although we don’t have a vaccine yet for the coronavirus, more than half if not most of those diagnosed with the virus have recovered, the death toll for coronavirus is minimal compared to the death toll of hunger and lack of medical aid. Not saying that we should not take the coronavirus seriously we should, And we should also take the other mentioned above in the same manner as well because of all lives matter.

We have blown the level of severity for this virus out of proportion, and it’s beginning to cause fear in the hearts of this nation. We need to focus on preventing panicking in order to take advantage of this time to free ourselves and be able to improve what we can within nature and ourselves. Nature is beautiful, it is something way bigger than just us as a species and it’s something we have been denying for much too long. We have so many species around us that live naturally, peacefully and quietly that are always going to be definite and undeniably beautiful. God’s design for nature is spectacular, and we’ve lost the ability to be able to appreciate it fully. This is our chance to unplug, to be able to look outside ourselves for a little while and appreciate all that we have been given.

I understand not everyone wants to do this, and it’s okay, but for those who want to move forward, improve and to be able to elevate themselves spiritually and fundamentally, please derive something from this so we can learn together and heal together.

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